Prayers and Concerns: Week of October 16, 2011

Prayer List

  • Our Church Family
  • Marcus Vinson
  • Lisa Long
  • Michael Champine
  • Doug Pittman
  • Anthony Poiland
  • Jaycee Madgar
  • Andrew Paul
  • Pam Tew
  • Families of Brother Clifton and Dartha Baker
  • All Military and Their Families
  • Jacob Randall
  • Lucinda Honeycutt
  • Bill Hankins
  • Melissa Lynn
  • Randy Harvell
  • Jeannie B. Robertson
  • Joanne Smith
  • Anita Herring
  • Cyndi Thatcher
  • Patricia Henry
  • Johnny Beasley
  • Billie Hankins
  • Storm Victims
  • Jonathan Randall
  • Jane Clayton
  • Laura Wilder
  • Jewel Ryals
  • Earl Coates
  • Tianna Johnson

Home Bound and Nursing Home

  • Mary Cabe & Sherwood Jones = Universal Healthcare/Lillington
  • Etheleen Betts = Windsor Point/F.V.
  • Dorothy Matthews = Brookfield
  • Doris Matthews
  • Dayton Smith = Oak Hill/Angier
  • Hazel Cotton

About jonicaggiano

I am a survivor, a child that grew up in a tragic environment but who made the best of a tough situation. My survival I attribute to my faith and my enormous imagination. I started writing at thirteen, and now that I am retired, I have time to do what I love. I am a wife whose husband is her very best friend. My child is the best thing to come out of my first marriage, and I wouldn't take anything back, not one emotion, situation, or sorrow. My life is a combination of my experiences that have made me the person I am today. I am grateful that God has kept me around, although I am ready for my natural home anytime. For I am a stranger, a wanderer, or a visitor on this earth, for my true home is with God.

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